Trading the Forex Market

Foreign exchange, also known as Forex for short, is the largest traded market today, with a near $2 trillion trade value on a daily basis. This provides a volatile and liquid environment ideal for profit opportunities. However, one cannot simply walk into the business and expect to accumulate a wealth from buying and selling different currencies. Sound knowledge of how this trillion dollar empire works is important otherwise the person can end up with losses.

Technical Analysis

One of the key areas of trading any market, not just Forex, is technical analysis. This encompasses chart reading, algorithmic indicators, and historical data. Most online charting software offered by brokers come pre-packaged with technical indicators, such as the moving average, stochastics, relative strength index, and average true range. Trend lines and Fibonacci retracement levels are also considered technical tools. Historical data like the previous month’s high and low prices are also used to generate buy or sell signals. The problem with many technical indicators is that they are lagging indicators, meaning they produce signals after a significant price move has already occurred, meaning the trader has to chase the signal and enter late with the hopes that the reward will still be enough to compensate for the risk taken.

Fundamental Analysis

Often viewed as the shadiest aspect of trading, fundamental analysis is mostly reserved for long-term traders and investors since economic fundamentals spark longer term trends, lasting from as short as a month to as long as a year. Fundamentals, however, can still affect short-term positions in that surprising numbers coming out from news reports can lead to panic buying or selling. Some market-moving news to look at are central bank announcements, interest rate changes, and employment numbers, which tend to be a good diagnostic tool for a country’s economic health. What’s tricky about fundamental analysis in the Forex market is that the results of news reports are not necessarily digested by market participants in a logical way, meaning better than expected jobless figures don’t equate to the currency’s strength.



Trading is one of the most mentally stressful careers you can pursue. Amid the advertised benefits of freedom and limitless income told to you by brokers, the truth of the matter is that you’ll likely lose some sleep while trading the Forex market. It is not the best career for people who are emotionally unstable, undisciplined, and impatient. Trading rules must be set and you must stick with them trade by trade. Find a strategy that fits you, depending on how much screen time you have per day and what pair you wish to focus on. Having a plan and a set of carefully predefined rules allow you to eliminate the emotional aspect of trading and operate mechanically. You must back test your system to assess its long-term profit potential. Risk on and risk off market sentiment should also be considered when taking trades as this alone could affect the direction or bias of a currency. Risk off sentiment tends to strengthen safe-haven pairs like the US dollar and Japanese Yen while risk on sentiment favors the Austrian dollar and New Zealand dollar.

What You Need To Know Before Refinancing Your Loan


If you have a loan or loans that are outstanding you may have heard that you should consider consolidating these loans in order to reduce the payments that you will ultimately make on these loans or to make the process of paying these loans easier. What exactly does refinancing a loan entail and what should you know before refinancing a loan will be the focus of this article.

What is a Refinance

When you refinance a loan or loans you are effectively entering into a new loan agreement. When you obtain a loan you basically receive cash in exchange for a promise to pay back the principal balance with an interest payment. The payment terms can fluctuate widely and there may be fees or charges for taking out a loan. In many ways a refinanced loan is no different than a standard loan. You make payments later on a refinanced loan and pay an interest rate as stipulated in the loan agreement. However, the major difference is that the proceeds from a refinanced loan does not go into your pocket. Instead it goes to repay an older loan.

What Happens When You Refinance?

Once the older loan or loans are satisfied you now owe money on your new loan based upon the agreement terms. Your old loans are now removed and you have one loan remaining. If you refinanced several loans into one then you now only have to make one payment per month instead of keeping track of many different loans. If you were behind on paying your loans then your credit will likely be improved by the satisfaction of the older loans.

What are the Benefits of a Refinance?

Starting-over-refinance-your-home-dv1693007It is generally considered to be a good idea to consider refinancing if the current interest rates available to you when you borrow money are lower than the interest rate that you have on your old loan. However, keep in mind that there may be fees charged for refinancing a loan as well as for prepaying your old loan. Be aware of the terms in your refinance agreement to avoid losing money on a refinance.

When Might you Not Want to Refinance a Loan?

If the current interest rates are higher than your borrowed loan interest rate than you may want to not refinance right now. Also, if your credit score or history is not good than you may not benefit from a loan refinancing as the interest rates charged on any new loans may be punitive compared to existing loans you have.


Many people can lower their monthly payments by refinancing existing debt into a new loan. While this can provide significant benefits for a borrower there are often fees and prepayment penalties on some loans that should be considered before you refinance your loan. Be sure to read the loan agreements and consider any special stipulations on the loan agreements before signing them. A refinance may or may not be beneficial so be aware of the contract details and ask for an explanation on these details before signing any refinance agreements.

Pheromone Infused Perfumes Could Help More Women Attract Men

Women have been using perfumed scents to make themselves more appealing to the opposite sex. In recent years the formulas used to create perfumed scents for women have been enhanced with the addition of pheromones.

Why Add Pheromones to Perfume?

For those individuals not familiar with this term, pheromones are naturally secreted chemicals animal’s produce to attract members of the opposite sex. Not only does the chemical help animals attract mates it has also been shown to affect other animal’s behaviors. In most cases pheromones appear to make animals more sociable.

There is not enough evidence to prove one way or the other whether this chemical has the same effect on people, but many perfume manufactures believe it does help enhance a woman’s ability to attract a man. The idea behind adding this chemical to perfume manufactured for women is to help them attract men. This makes the perfume highly desirable by women who are usually too shy to initiate conversations or who men generally don’t find interesting or attractive enough to bother meeting.

Which Perfumes Contain Pheromones?

The chemical itself is basically odorless so it is impossible to detect whether or not a specific fragrance contains it just by smelling. Labels on perfume bottles could state that the product does contain pheromones. Some labels will list it in the ingredients as a pheromone substance while others will use the more scientific names of androstenal and androstenone. The chemical is also available as a stand alone product, women could spray on before adding their own favorite perfume.

A pheromone perfume for women will either be from natural sources or made as a synthetic. The synthetic chemicals have been tested on insects and animals to see if they produce the same effects as the natural ones. Pheromones are also different for women than they are for men. The perfumes marketed to women will have a different chemical formula than the fragrances available for men. Women will not be attracted to the female versions of the chemical and vice versa.

What Fragrance Blends are Available with Pheromones?

The perfumes available with this chemical already added to them will have the same tones or notes used to create a specific scent as any other perfume. Depending on the perfume creator, the scent could include extracts from plant roots or natural oils from flowers. Scents such as sandalwood, jasmine and lavender could still be found in the fragrances made with pheromones.

Women who want to purchase a perfume already infused with pheromones should take the time to smell the fragrances available in order to select one that would be suitable to their personal taste. Fragrances that contain essential oils from flowers will be lighter than those made from roots or wood. The scent should be appealing to the woman who wears it as well as to the men who detect the pheromones it contains.