Pheromone Infused Perfumes Could Help More Women Attract Men

Women have been using perfumed scents to make themselves more appealing to the opposite sex. In recent years the formulas used to create perfumed scents for women have been enhanced with the addition of pheromones.

Why Add Pheromones to Perfume?

For those individuals not familiar with this term, pheromones are naturally secreted chemicals animal’s produce to attract members of the opposite sex. Not only does the chemical help animals attract mates it has also been shown to affect other animal’s behaviors. In most cases pheromones appear to make animals more sociable.

There is not enough evidence to prove one way or the other whether this chemical has the same effect on people, but many perfume manufactures believe it does help enhance a woman’s ability to attract a man. The idea behind adding this chemical to perfume manufactured for women is to help them attract men. This makes the perfume highly desirable by women who are usually too shy to initiate conversations or who men generally don’t find interesting or attractive enough to bother meeting.

Which Perfumes Contain Pheromones?

The chemical itself is basically odorless so it is impossible to detect whether or not a specific fragrance contains it just by smelling. Labels on perfume bottles could state that the product does contain pheromones. Some labels will list it in the ingredients as a pheromone substance while others will use the more scientific names of androstenal and androstenone. The chemical is also available as a stand alone product, women could spray on before adding their own favorite perfume.

A pheromone perfume for women will either be from natural sources or made as a synthetic. The synthetic chemicals have been tested on insects and animals to see if they produce the same effects as the natural ones. Pheromones are also different for women than they are for men. The perfumes marketed to women will have a different chemical formula than the fragrances available for men. Women will not be attracted to the female versions of the chemical and vice versa.

What Fragrance Blends are Available with Pheromones?

The perfumes available with this chemical already added to them will have the same tones or notes used to create a specific scent as any other perfume. Depending on the perfume creator, the scent could include extracts from plant roots or natural oils from flowers. Scents such as sandalwood, jasmine and lavender could still be found in the fragrances made with pheromones.

Women who want to purchase a perfume already infused with pheromones should take the time to smell the fragrances available in order to select one that would be suitable to their personal taste. Fragrances that contain essential oils from flowers will be lighter than those made from roots or wood. The scent should be appealing to the woman who wears it as well as to the men who detect the pheromones it contains.

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